Happiness is a Fun Dog Run

Morice Mountain was an early adaptor to the “dogs welcome” movement and built some specific trails with our four-legged buddies in mind. With new additions every two years, our current offerings are intersecting staggered loops that provide hills and flats, openings and forest that work for dogs of all sizes. 

For a sweet, just over 5 km dog run, head down Bow Wow, gentle rolling downhill then up to Trespass for a right and then left on Moose Meadows, very gradual,to the far end of the dog friendly trail and the junction with Swamp Dog.

Left on Swamp Dog, for long gentle hills, then right, retracing your tracks on Moose Meadows, right Trespass, then right and up Chow Main returning down to turn right again on Trespass back to day lodge. On the map this looks like a bent pair of sunglasses. All right hand turns except the farthest point turn from Moose Meadows to Swamp Dog.

Doing it in reverse is a great option too. (All lefts until the end of Swamp Dog when you turn right on Trespass.) Want more variety or a few more KMs? Add another full Swamp Dog Moose Meadows loop (or any of the trails) and it you have skied another 2.2 kilometers and by this time your pooch will be pooped!! 

Don’t forget your doggie’s doo is your responsibility – it can stop another skier dead in the tracks and isn’t fun to clean when it is frozen to your skis!! Or the grooming machine! The fine art of Poo Flicking is practiced at Morice Mountain – far flicking into the bush is best.
We suggest waiting a few hours after fresh grooming to allow the centre to set up or poor Fido will be really struggling, sinking in the snow while trying to keep up!

Now, we know you love skiing with your dog – but do yourself a favour and leave the hound at home once in a while and explore the rest of our great trails.