Go Big or Go Home: A Key Trail Junction

Trail Descriptions

To understand and maximize the trails of Morice Mountain, one needs to see how they fit together. The Go Big or Go Home Junction is key to trail choices. Previously called the Sawdust Opening and various other things, the junction now brings together 5 trails for limitless options. Perfect for those super days when you just can’t make yourself turn back to the parking lot.

Mainline provides direct and gentle access to the junction, Moose Meadows is a bit of a climb, I am Groot is just a variation on the last kilometre of Moose Meadows, Trespass provides the big hills and Sawdust Loop heads back to Mainline. Each of the five choices offers an entire menu of “downstream” choices once you commit. 

Hill People might consider Moose Meadows/ Trespass – this loop alone is 6.4 km starting and finishing at the GB Junction. Or take Sawdust Loop, Sawmill Pass, Golden Bow and join Trespass .3 km from the Go Big Junction for a return loop of about 3.6 km.

For fewer hills, I am Groot and Moose Meadows form a loop to stay up on top in the sunshine. 1.8 km if you go to the top of the steep hill on Moose Meadows.

To forget the loops and move on to other terrain, Sawdust Loop accesses Wish I Hadn’t. (see the Around the Lake Blog)  Trespass (5.7 km) or Moose Meadows (3.4) will lead you back to lot eventually. Quickest and flattest route to the parking lot from GBGH: Mainline (2.7 km).

Get ready for adventure the next time you find yourself at Go Big or Go Home!