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Ski Area

Morice Mountain Nordic Ski Club manages approximately 40 km of trails including 5 km of dog-friendly trail loops, a ski playground and adventure trail system for the kids. 

Our trail system has varied terrain with easy, moderate and difficult trails. Check out our Blog for specific route descriptions. 

The majority of our trails are groomed by a Bombardier 400 Plus to a minimum width of 17ft with two outside set tracks and one interior skating lane. All trails are two way traffic.

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  • All trails are two-way. Yield to downhill traffic.
  • All skiers ski at their own risk. 
  • Stay in control. 
  • Ski on trails that suit your ability. 
  • Be aware that conditions can drastically affect trail difficulty.
  • Dogs in designated areas only. Non-dog skiers are welcome on all dog trails.   

Cell phones work throughout most of the trail network.