Trail Report

Trail MapsTrail System

MMNSC maintains approximately 30 kilometres of set track. Trails are usually groomed within a day of a snowfall, ten to twelve kilometres at a time. Our Bombardier grooms a 17 foot wide track with two set tracks and an eight-foot central skate lane. All trails are two way.

How to find out what is groomed

  1. Use the Nordic Plus App and make your favourite Morice Mountain Ski Club. Our groomers update the app after grooming is done for the day.
  2. Sign up for email updates – Anyone can sign up and unsubscribe at any time. Send an email to [email protected] and state you want to be added to the email list.
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What gets groomed?

This is a generalized map of the rough grooming plans. Trails to be groomed depends on amount of snow, weather forecast, time of year and volunteer time on the day of grooming. It may not be every trail in the grouping that is done – eg “The Dogs” means some of the dogs, and some times all of the dogs.

Below is the trail list grouped according to standard grooming practice. Golden Bow, Moose Meadows and Trespass are not in any set group for grooming purposes. The Outer Limits are the outer trails around the network, and are usually all groomed on the same day only a few times per year.

Use the colour trail map to determine trail difficulty.