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Survive to Ski Another Day

Using Your Outrigger We all find ourselves as some point, a bit over our heads in terms of hills and conditions. If you have previously downhill skied or xc skied a lot, you probably have a few survival techniques so […]

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To Coach or Not to Coach

You love kids? You want to give back? You want to support the club? Forget all those. Do this for yourself. You will not regret, I promise, doing the deep dive into this lifelong sport. Here is why: Your fitness […]

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Long Winter Nights

As with many clubs, full moon ski outings morphed into fundraising for lit tracks for skiing on any night and Morice Mountain enjoyed several years of that with our hilly, thrilling lit track. Then, the combined onslaught of pine beetle […]

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Sanity During a Pandemic

It is a spectacular winter day. Sunshine and fresh snow. The groomer has taken this route before me, and he has laid down beautiful corduroy bordered by crisp track. Perfection. Best place on earth – right here, right now. How […]

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The Queen of Corduroy

Ah, perfect corduroy. The snow conditions that dreams are made of. Gorgeous tiny hard ridges that hold your ski, not too hard, not too soft, as you skate kilometre after glorious kilometre, your super hero cape billowing out behind you. […]

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End of the Season: Groundhogging

Hey Ski People, Starting to feel like Groundhog Day?? Another glorious sunny spring day! Well, we do have a wee surprise change up. The Ginzu Master is going to Ginzu groom Golden Bow this morning. This means I am going […]

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