The Queen of Corduroy

Ah, perfect corduroy. The snow conditions that dreams are made of. Gorgeous tiny hard ridges that hold your ski, not too hard, not too soft, as you skate kilometre after glorious kilometre, your super hero cape billowing out behind you.

So not too long ago, on a day just like that, on our gorgeous Golden Bow, I got to thinking. I realized that I could not have ever imagined motors, fuel and technology creating something as amazing and glorious as a perfect corduroy trail through the wilderness for me to skate ski along. (And that is not even counting the gear and clothing.) And it made me, The Queen of Corduroy, do some soul searching. 

This glorious stretch of corduroy does not stand alone. Many of the steps on the way to this wonderland are things or actions that I would like to abhor: development, logging, road building, earth moving, manicuring nature. But isn’t that pretty hypocritical of me? I like to think of xc skiing as a superior, green sport, but in my heart, I know my corduroy is as dirty as bitumen – well maybe not that dirty – but it sure isn’t bright green!

I do my share of granola skiing – out the door into the bush. And I love that form of skiing. Is it as amazing as a corduroy corridor through the forest? Are the endorphins pumping through my brain by the end? No. But maybe I, the blissfully addicted xc skier, am not all that far removed from the downhill skier. And maybe closer to the motorized sled-heads than I care to admit.

Darn! My skate ski addiction is dirty green? It sure feels bright green being out there, flying along the corduroy highway through the silent winter forest.