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Our trail system is varied terrain with easy, moderate and difficult trails. We have challenging hill sections and easy flat routes. 

The trail network includes two lakes, an extended 5km dog compatible trail loop that covers easy and moderate trails, a ski playground and adventure trail system for the kids, and a cabin at the 1300m elevation on the east slope of Morice Mountain accessed via a 7.7km trail from our trail system.

This map is geo-referenced and will show your location live on your phone via GPS. To download this map to your iPad or iPhone follow these steps:

1) Go to the App Store and install the Avenza Maps app. (It’s free.)

2) Return to this page and tap the download arrow.

3) Tap on the ‘Share’ icon (the square with the up arrow)

4) Tap on “Copy to Avenza Maps”. The selected map will now load to the Avenza app.

5) Make sure your battery is charged in your device. 

6)  Go for a ski and track your position in real time.


MMNSC maintains approximately 30 kilometres of set track. Trails are usually groomed within a day of a snowfall, ten to twelve kilometres at a time. Our Bombardier grooms a 17 foot wide track with two set tracks and an eight-foot central skate lane. All trails are two way. See Grooming 101 for more detail.

Trail Grooming Report