To Coach or Not to Coach

You love kids? You want to give back? You want to support the club?

Forget all those. Do this for yourself. You will not regret, I promise, doing the deep dive into this lifelong sport.

Here is why:

  1. Your fitness will improve.
  2. Your technique will improve.
  3. The annual commitment is pretty doable – 10 sessions.
  4. The training sessions are excellent.
  5. Winter will become more enjoyable.
  6. You get to hang out with kids who will dream up pretty crazy things to do on skis.
  7. You will meet potential ski buddies and friends for life.
  8. Bottom line – you will have fun. For the rest of your life on skis.

And on top of all that, you do get to support a club and give back to your community. All feel good, make that feel great, reasons to join the Coaching Crew of MMNSC. Today.

Rabbit’s Coaching Courses for Fall 2020 BC

Oh. And when they say “no skiing experience necessary”? They mean it.