Alpine Cabin

HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS: Please pack Lysol Wipes to clean surfaces when you arrive and on departure.

Be aware that we are not up to date re the current condition of the cabin, as we have no control over access by other users. This includes firewood supply.

Our great little cabin is nestled on a meadow in the sub-alpine forest of Morice Mountain. Built by the club in 1989, it offers solid shelter for a winter retreat. You can be comfortable at -30C. The distance from the parking lot to this cabin is about 11km. The first 3.5km is on a groomed trail. Many people find it easier to ski to the first steep hill, at about 5 km, then snowshoe the rest of the way. Leave your skis and boots (in a garbage bag) here. People have made it on skinny skis and skins, but touring skis or snowshoes allow for a more controlled descent.

Trail conditions are unpredictable – hope for a speedy climb, prepare for a slow slog.

Use at your own risk.

All users, day and overnight, are encouraged to register their plans with the club via email. [email protected]

Overnight users need to book their nights ahead, via email and ensure they have a reservation. Register and pay at the Daylodge before you start skiing.

Many parties have been confused in the xc network looking for the Alpine Cabin Trail. Make sure you have a trail map or take a photo when you start. Best option: our geo-referenced trail map including the Alpine Cabin downloaded to your phone.

A few things to remember:

The route up to the summit.

DOGS are not welcome. Do not take your dogs in winter as you are using No Dog trails to access the cabin.       

Never ski alone. Do not take chances, use common sense and self-reliance. 

You are a long way from help so use caution. While there is intermittent cell service from the height of land one kilometer before the cabin, rescue services can take considerable time to access the site.

The cabin sleeps 8. The “Rules of the Wilderness” dictate that due to the cabin’s remoteness, no person shall be refused access.

The Alpine Trail has been brushed out but is not groomed. Trail conditions are dependent on weather and use. There may be blowdown.       

The Alpine Trail has sections of sustained grades >20% for the last 3.5-4km.

Morice Mountain, particularly above treeline, contains avalanche terrain.

  • The cabin is equipped with a propane stove and two twenty pound propane bottles. Depending on use, propane may NOT be available. It is recommended that you bring your own camp stove. You must ensure the propane bottle (under the cabin) is turned OFF when you leave. When using the cabin ensure that all pilot lights are going (stove and oven).
  • There are six sleeping foamies that are in good shape.
  • The woodstove used to heat the cabin is good. The convection fan we purchased to distribute the heat was stolen so you may want to bring your own.
  • Bring your own candles or lantern.
  • The cabin is short on utensils, so bring any critical to your menu. You may wish to leave some for the next party.
  • Please do not leave any food in the cabin and pack your own garbage out. 
  • Do not throw food or garbage down the outhouse hole. Burn it or pack it out are the only options.
  • Please leave the cabin clean, dishes put away, firewood and kindling brought in from under the cabin. Latch all windows and door.
  • Please reset the rodent traps under the cabin.
  • Other users access this cabin so we cannot guarantee its condition. We can only report on what we have heard most recently.

If the cabin is in need of anything please send us an email and let us know. Any questions can be sent to our Cabin Master via: [email protected]


Nadina Mountain from the summit of Morice Mountain. 

To book the cabin send a message to [email protected] to register and get the latest conditions. Reservations are accepted up to a month in advance. Please cancel any reservations you are unable to use.


  • Free for MMNSC members
  • $20.00/person per night for non-Morice Mountain Nordic Club (MMNSC) members for the first night. This includes your trail fee. Each additional night $10.00/person
  • No cabin fee for day use – one day trail pass for skiing into the cabin
  • Payment is made at the Day Lodge on Buck Flat’s road