Trail Descriptions

One of the original trails, Possum has long been an alternative to Sawdust or an add-on to finish up a longer ski day. Then, in 2018, the Prez began to create his kingdom with new trails Cruisin’ and Chute. Skiers were shooting out of Chute at the parking lot with big smiles to finish up their ski days. Heavy competition for the ever-popular Last Chance. In 2019, The Visionary Prez gave us “the trail that could not be named”, but now seems to be named Lynx. On paper, Lynx looks a bit pointless. On snow, everyone loves it. And I mean everyone. Our youngest and our oldest. Classicers and skaters. Addicts and occasionals. It also creates Possum Paradise. There are now so many loops and routes and choices that it is impossible to state them all. This area of intermediate trail can provide endless ski options that will keep everyone happy.

Near the highest point in the Possum Playground

Northwest corner of Possum Paradise: junction of Challenge, Lynx and Lakeside

At the peak of the network is Possum Top junction, connecting to Lynx, Strawberry Ridge, and Bob Creek / The Cruise, and of course Possum. No matter which route you descend, several options for up-tracks await. Four of the loops available from Possum Top are 2.4 kms and another three loops are in the 3.2 range. Circumnavigate Paradise and miss the top: 4.4 km. And there are several longer figure eight loops as well. We don’t call it paradise for nothing. Or should it be playground?